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This time we a had a full afternoon and we planned to take a look around in Gwangju's biggest market, and shortly we had some surprise. As we were walking through the market we have found ourselves in the middle of a celebration, which has been held for promoting the Universiade Games. Dezso got himself among the dancers and enjoyed the performance together with them!
Later we were visiting the World Institute of Kimchi, which is a nice place near to Gwangju and has been built around the most famous Korean national food, Kimchi. There's a museum inside, all about Kimchi, the history, all the types and all the procedures, and there's educational centre to teach young people how make Kimchi at best. We had three wonderful girls to guide us and we had some great moments in the kitchen together.
For myself I was allowed to get into the children's playhouse to sink into the sea of colour balls!

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