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This time we had a half of an afternoon to have some fun and we voted for an organised tour to a traditional Korean village. At first we visited a traditional archery club where we could get involved into some great moments like bowing with the traditional bows. Then we climbed a nice hill to an observatory where we could take a look around at Gwangju from the view of a bird.
We were visiting a little Skansen, an old Korean village, where Dezso had some great photos with an old Korean lady while they were having a tea together.
As the last action for that afternoon I ask our driver to bring ourselves to the downtown of Gwangju where we departed from Dezso and had a shot walk around. We have found a place called Coffee & Cats, which is a little coffee house with full of cats. As I'm a cat lover we went in and spent an hour with those lovely creatures and then having a short lunch in downtown and heading back to work in the evening.

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