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Created 15-Jul-15
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The final match of the Universiade games: men's water polo finals between Hungary and Italy. I told you before about all the expectations, the only acceptable result is victory for the Hungarian team, and then came the surprise. Bad surprise. The Italian team started really well and grab the lead soon, and we only could follow then through three quarters, keeping the pace by two goals. In the third quarter was time to change something and Dr. Balazs Vincze, the Hungarian trainer pulled the big one and replaced his goalkeeper. The whole game changed suddenly they tied the game soon and at the last quarter they grabbed the lead as well. Unfortunately the Italians could make a good move a scored a goal, just before a few second of the end, so we had get in the penalty shootout. We missed one, they had two, so the Hungarian men's water polo team defended their title and earned gold medal at last match on the 2015 Universiade games in Gwangju, Korea.

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