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Fotofabrikmayer, operated by the photographer Peter Mayer and his team, provides high-grade commercial photography services to both corporate and private customers. Be it portraits of people and pets, fashion shots, photographs of objects  and products, staged photos for a corporate publication or advertisement or photographs taken at an event, you can count on fotofabrikmayer. 

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Products and Services

A good photograph not just decorates, it also sells. Be your product a bottle of wine, a lorry or  just some immaterial service, a strong picture will capture your customer's attention and impress him. The visuals used on billboards, websites or in catalogues do not only illustrate what the product is like, they also convey a message about your company,therefore quality is exactly as important as credibility. (Read and see MORE. )




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Portraits and Family

Sometimes we need a portrait of ourself or our family. We all have plenty on our hard drive or in our phone. But are they good enough? Are they professional enough for a CV, a company publication or a website? And how about our family photos? Do we have any with the whole family? Are they good enough to be printed, framed and sent proudly to the grandparents as a present? (Read and see MORE.)








Fashion photography

Fashion is one of the most important areas of applied photography. If you are in the fashion business or that is where you want a career, you simply cannot survive without high quality photos. (Read and see MORE.)